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Help on buying a new 22 to 24" 1080p monitor, 150 to 180€ budget

Hello people!!!
As i wrote in the title i would like to buy a new monitor, at the moment i'm using a 17" 1440*900 monitor that's torturing my eyes so i need to change it

I've had this idea to change it for some time, i started with the idea to get a nice 25 or 27"but they are too expensive for me at the moment sadly
I've since considered i'll go with the more "cheap" 1080p

I'm not sure about the size of it, i've read that there is a "perfect" size for every resolution, for example i've read that usually 27" monitors are not good with a 1080p resolution and they suggest to go 2k for 27. I would like a monitor between 22" and 24", which is the best size for the 1080p resolution?

I will use the monitor for Internet surfing, emails and documents writing mainly but also for some mixed gaming, mainly titles that need mouse and keyboard to be played, i will play a little bit online but at an amateur level
I was planning on getting an IPS monitor since i've read its quality is better than the TN ones and it stresses the eyes less. I've read that they are not really advised for gaming but considering it will be something i will not do in an intensive manner i can put up with that.

My system is this
i5 3570 (non K) 8GB DDR3 Ram Crucial Mx100 Windows 10 Home
I currently have a Sapphire Dual-X Flex Boost HD 7950 and it only has one HDMI port that i'm currently using with a TV, so i would need a monitor with either a DVI or a DisplaPort to avoid using adaptors of any kind. The sound doesn't matter because i'm already using a speaker set for the PC

My budget is around 150€, i might plan on spending some more if there's any 120hz or 144hz that costs less than 190€.

I'm not really interested in 120hz or 144hz play but if i can get a decent monitor with that refresh at around 180/190€ i can think about that, if not a 60hz is ok. I'm not going to consider G-Sync or FreeSync since the latter is not supported by my actual card and i don't know when i will change it and if i will go nVidia or AMD for the next one. The 120 or 144hz is more of a fancy, but if i can get a nice monitor with it within my budget i could appreciate it a bit when gaming

I'm going to buy the monitor on Amazon.it (i'm Italian and i rely the most on it) because i have around 90€ gift vouchers on the site and i'll be using them to cover some of the expense

I would also like to know if there is any IPS 60hz monitor under 150€ that can be considered a good buy, i can spend 150€ without any problem but if there's any under that i can consider saving any money
I tried looking for any monitor under 150€ but came up to nothing, the "best" one i found has been this

AOC i2369Vm

If it can be considered a good choice i might go for it, if not please suggest me another one

I guess this is all for now, if you need some explanations or other info about something please feel free to ask!!
Thanks a lot for the help you'll give me!!

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