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Old 02-10-13, 04:48 PM
Danbaksen Danbaksen is offline
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Danish dude signing in

Hi everybody,

Took some time for me to register for this community. I've been watching Tiny Tom Logans vid's for quite some time now and he had a major influence on my upcoming build.

Me, my name is Daniel Bak Hansen (DanBakSen), I'm 23 years of age and I live in Ballerup, Denmark, where I also work in Expert (Probably the 2nd biggest electronics store in Denmark. At work I get to deal with what I do best and like the most - Computers, tablets and so on which I absolutely love working with. Other than that I play Handball in my spare time, prolly around 3 times a week + matches. I also enjoy photography and video-editing a whole lot. I do own a Canon EOS 500D and a Canon HF-G10 but I'm planning on upgrading to a 7D some time soon. I really like working with both photo- and videoediting because it challenges my creativity a whole lot. Capturing the GOOD picture is FRIGGIN' hard and I believe that's what driving my interest forward.

I'm also a big fan of TV's, HiFI and home entertainment. On my wall hangs a Panasonic TXP55VT60Y with a Panasonic Home cinema 5.1 system hooked up to it. I'm going to replace the old Home cinema with a new in near future because of my current one not supporting 3D. I spend alot of time watching movies. I'm a big fan of the horror-genre.

As for my setup, I am running a beast-machine which I put together in 07'-08' but it hasn't failed me even once since I put it together. It works like a charm but I think it's time for it to retire.

Intel C2Q 9550 at 2,84 GHz (Overclocked by a whopping 0%)
Cooled by a OCZ heatsink (Can't remember the model but I can tell you I'm not satisfied with it)
XFX Nforce 780i socket 775 motherboard
XFX Geforce GTX 260 GFX (Also overclocked massively by 0%)
OCZ 4 GB DDR2 Memory (Can't remember the exact model)
Corsair 750W Powersupply (1st generation)
Creative X-Fi Platinum sound card
2x Samsung DVD-optical drives.
2x Samsung HDD's (One at 1 TB and one at 500 G

All built into a HAF 932 case.

I've just ordered a new rig with the following specs:

Intel Core I7 4770K
Asus Maximus VI Formula
Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 32 GB Red
XFX HD 7970 925M
XFX HD 7970 925M
Samsung 840 Evo SSD 250 GB
Samsung 840 Evo SSD 250 GB
Creative X-Fi Platinum sound card (Reused from old pc)
XFX Proseries 1000W power supply FULLY modular
NZXT Switch 810 Case

Watercooled with following components:

EK Supremacy Full Nickel CSQ CPU cooler
EK Coolstream RAD XTX 240mm
EK Coolstream RAD XTX 360mm
EK Full VGA water-block with backplate
EK Full VGA water-block with backplate
XSPC Dual bay Reservoir with a mounted EK-D5 pump
Primochill clear tubing
EK Ekoolant Bloodred
EK push on fittings
EK push on 45 degree angled fittings
EK push on 90 degree angled fittings

I am going to watercool CPU, Motherboard and the two GFXs.

I'm not the most dedicated gamer at all so having a rig like the one I'm getting is total overkill for me. I do game alot but when I do it's mostly NON-demanding games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Runescape (uhm yeah..) Diablo 3 and of course alot of retro-games. My favourite retros would be Settlers 2/3, Heroes 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Carmageddon and Doom.

I'm really looking forward to BF4, D3 Expansion and I must say I'm impressed with the visuals in Metro LL, bioshock infinity, The Witcher and Crysis 3 so I'm probably going to spend some time on those as well.

I will make a project log as soon as I get all my parts for the build. I'm expecting the package with all my cooling components to arrive tomorrow and my hardware on Friday. I'm looking forward to it.. Alotalot.

Other than that I'm looking forward to roam these boards with you guys. I've heard you are a friendly and mature community. I really like that.. Pardon if my grammar isn't too good but I think and hope you understand what I scribble down anyways!

See you guys out there,

Daniel ;-)

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Old 02-10-13, 05:29 PM
Tex Lomar's Avatar
Tex Lomar Tex Lomar is offline
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Welcome to the forums. I just put together a new Rig myself. Will be uploading the build pics/log as soon as I get them sorted out. Been tweaking her for two weeks now.
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Old 03-10-13, 12:50 AM
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G'day Welcome to OC3D
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Old 03-10-13, 12:55 AM
Raphael Raphael is offline
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Welcome to the forums. Awesome specs for your upcoming build. When its done post a thread with the build log to show how it turns out.
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Old 03-10-13, 07:45 AM
ShaunB-91 ShaunB-91 is offline
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Hello and welcome!
All Apple Everything
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