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Old 17-07-13, 09:26 AM
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Asus's Asinine UEFI GOP Tool

The Asus tool for updating your nVidia card BIOS to a UEFI GOP compatible hybrid currently requires you to own an Asus motherboard. I own a Gigabyte UEFI motherboard and am told my by the tool that my motherboard does not support UEFI. (Obviously not true.) The update BIOS roms aren't made available by Asus in any other way, and the tool itself runs this verification before downloading the roms from an Asus server.

Anyone know how to bypass the motherboard check or get at the rom files directly? I understand the need to stop morons from bricking their cards, but I know how to use nvflash and really don't appreciate Asus treating me like an idiot.

Compatible motherboards, listed in a text file in the install folder:
P8Z77-V = 1805
P8Z77-V-DELUXE = 1805
P8Z77-V-PRO = 1805
P8Z77-M = 1805
P8Z77-M-PRO = 1805
P8Z77-V-PREMIUM = 1805
P9X79-DELUXE = 3203
P9X79-PRO = 3203
P9X79 = 3203
P9X79-LE = 3203
Rampage-IV-Extreme = 3301
Rampage-IV-Formula = 3301
Rampage-IV-Gene = 3301
M5A97-EVO-R20 = 1302
M5A99X-EVO-R20 = 1302
M5A99FX-PRO-R20 = 1302
SABERTOOTH-990FX-R20 = 1302
M5A97-LE-R20 = 1302
M5A97-R20 = 1302
SABERTOOTH-990FX-GEN3-R20 = 0226

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Old 21-07-13, 04:10 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2013
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Well, guess I'm just going to have to modify the user-posted vBIOS for the DC2TOP to match my DC2OG. (Posted on Dropbox by a kind soul in the ROG forums. Asus tech support told me to use their tool, that they didn't have access to the files.) Asus have managed to both off their more knowledgeable customers and lose control of the distribution of their BIOS files, all in the name of 'safety'. Great job. Never buying Asus again.
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Old 21-07-13, 10:49 AM
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Couldn't somebody with an Asus motherboard and graphics card download the tool, extract the ROM file and PM/email it to you?
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Old 21-07-13, 11:02 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 10
They could, and I'd encourage anyone who can get the BIOS files to make them available, but I already edited the DC2TOP version to match the OG's clock, boost and voltage settings. If anyone with my card (GTX670-DC2OG-2GD5) wants it I've stuck it up on Dropbox. You'll have to use 'nvflash -4 -5 -6' because it still identifies as the TOP version.
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