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Old 04-07-13, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by chiewleong View Post
very nice build. I'm thinking getting one in this month. now i'm considering this case and the phanteks enthoo primo... currently, i'm using shinobi xl...
one question, will XSPC AX360 can fit on the top of the case? if not, I might consider ex360 at the top or rx240 at the bottom, even maybe AIO WC kit like swiftech h220.
thanks in advance.
A 360 should fit in the top no problem, but not in the roof section. There probably won't be enough motherboard mosfet HS clearance to run it push pull unless it's a seriously thin radiator. You'd fit the rad inside the main area above the mobo and the 3*120 fans will sit in the roof area. You'll also lose use of the top optical bay slot, but that's not likely a bigee unless you need the three spare bays for on of those drive bay XSPC units AND absolutely need an internal optical as well. Also, you'd get a 240 in the front OR the bottom, but not both, but with the 240 in the bottom you can still run 2x140 fans in the front as well, whereas with a front 240 you'd only get one more 140 in the bottom.



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Old 04-07-13, 01:36 PM
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I see. thanks for clearing my doubts on this casing. I like this case so much.
so, no push and pull config at the top, only pull config.
thanks a lot. now, reconsidering my choice of casing, either continue using shinobi XL or waiting for phanteks enthoo primo....
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