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Old 05-06-20, 03:22 PM
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x570 4 sticks???

Hello peeps. so i have built a second rig with a x570-f strix and a 3900x. my one question is i have a kit of 4x16 3200 dominator platinum from my old x99 system. i know it has always been said just stick to two sticks if you use four it wont work. is it still the case. its only 3200 mhz its not like its stupid fast running memory and its a matched kit so compatibilty between stick is not a worry. whats the verdict guys. am i good to run 4 sticks, i dont know if ill manually overclock the cpu or not.

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Old 05-06-20, 03:29 PM
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It will depend on whether that RAM is liked by Ryzen and what clocks you can get. It should deffo work, but you may need to down clock it and loosen the timings.

You will get four sticks to work, but the memory controller on the chip may not be able to do full speed on all four.

You don't need to manually overclock a Ryzen. Just set the PBO to max and does it all for you.

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Old 21-02-21, 04:48 PM
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Four sticks is just fine. The Ryzen 3000 memory controller is pretty good. Technically, 4x16 is only rated to 2667 mhz iirc, so you will at the very least be able to get that speed. But if you enable geardown mode, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to pop them in and set XMP and call it a day. As for performance being worse, given equivalent clocks and timings, 4x16 > 2x16 > 2x8 on Ryzen.

Once thing though if you want to put in the effort, is to bear in mind the infinity fabric. Ideally, if your CPU can do say 1800 fclk you'd want your memory to run 3600mhz so you can have the core-to-core/core-to-cache communications as low latency as possible, while not have the memory latency get hit because of the clocks being out of sync. However, if the difference is high enough - like you can do 1900 fclk but only 3200 on the memory - the benefit might outweigh the desync penalty.

Buildzoid did a good video here:

TLDR: Unless you can get significantly higher clocks by only using 2x16, 4x16 is better on Ryzen.
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Old 21-02-21, 08:56 PM
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I was able to run 32GB of Corsair Dom Plats @ 3600 CAS18 with my 3800X on and MSI X570 Pro Carbon so the chances are good you'll get the 3200 running, that being said though like AlienALX said some ram just isn't liked all you can do is try it.
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