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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
Not too surprised, Ubisoft have been the EA of the mid/late 2010's really
Inevitably that's how they all end up. But, just as history shows it never wins. EA have been punished by people simply not buying their crap. It's so bad they're putting games back on Steam.

Karma is a real biyatch.

I also don't agree with DRM. At all. It's complicated, but mostly down to capitalism idealism. IE - some little twot who went to college actually believes he can force his marketing and ideas down people's throats and they'll be so stupid that they'll just go along with it all. Times are changing, word spreads easily now and word of mouth (or Twitter and etc) is important.

Bethesda also actually believe that if they market FO76 hard enough and keep saying how awesome it is it will actually sell. They also moved into phase two, which is take your game and add lots of crap and charge loads of money and people will buy it. What they failed to grasp was that you actually need a decent game for that part to actually work.

Coders believe that their work belongs to them and them only and don't realise that the only way to keep it like that is not to sell it. Once you do that's it. Control is lost.

DRM is a total waste of time because it never works. Sure, it may slow people down but it won't stop them. Sure, at first your product may sell in higher numbers initially but if it's slow as balls people will notice and will stop buying it.

Dice has learned the hard way that they still actually believe they can stomp it out, but sadly they're stupid because as I said, this is modern times and word travels fast. You can't moderate the world and stop word travelling.


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