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Old 12-11-15, 10:28 AM
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OCed G3258 or i3 6100??

Hi, guys. So I am looking to build a small NAS / home server and wondering what cpu to get. The most taxing task will be trans-coding movies on the fly as a PLEX server. Worst scenario would be transcoding 2-3(mostly 2) 1080p movies and backing up a system image at the same time (a little compression involved).

so base on that, I come up with these 2 configs which cost pretty much the same where I live

i3 6100 with stock cooler and h170 mobo

G3258 with a decent cooler and overclock it to around 4.5ghz (depends on how lucky I am but that should be expectable) with the cheapest z97 mobo I can find

So should I get more threads or faster cores? The oced g3258 is likely to use more power though...
I can step up for an i5 quad core if necessary but that's like $100 more than the i3 where I live. Would love to hear your opinions on that, thanks..

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Old 12-11-15, 10:45 AM
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IMHO you need to think low power dude.

Im not sure if plex is multithreaded, it should be an Ive had no issues watching multiple streams on mine. It just depends how youve set it to utilise your CPU. If its 'make my cpu hurt' then Im honestly not sure.
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