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Old 05-09-21, 03:43 PM
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Wifi Route advice

Whilst I am very comfortable with PC hardware, when it comes to networking, I am like a child in a sweet shop and just plain confused by the choices on offer.
AC or AX?
Dual or tri-band?
1200 or 5600?

My needs are not huge, I game on my PC via ethernet and the wifi is solely for wifes laptop and phone, my phone, the TV and 2 security cameras, oh and whatever the guy next door is using.

My current setup is an adtran modem hooked up to an Ero 6, both provided by my ISP on youfibre's 1000mbs FTTP and I have a tp extender upstairs.

My main issue is being unable to access the router via browser and having to use an app on my phone along with very little by way of adjusting anything within the router.

I currently do not have a NAS but that is on my like list, and I won't be making my home "smart".

With a budget of £100 and open to having used or amazon warehouse, could you recommend or suggest and explain reasons for?

Thank you in advance.

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Old 05-09-21, 05:25 PM
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I got the Asus ax56u for less than $100. I think it's about that much. It has the web access that you are looking for as well as an app. Both are pretty darn close to each other in available settings, the most detailed reserved for the web though.

I am happy with it. I should note the AX55u is advertised as 1800mpbs just like the 56u, but the 56u has double the memory and more advanced features if those matter to you. And considering my router is always at 50% memory filled, that would be 100% of the 55u. So I don't know how it's memory management works but I'd prefer the headroom. I'm sure it'd be fine for your needs if you aren't maxing out the router all the time.

TP Link AX1500/1800 are both under $100. I've used TP Link before and there were okay. I haven't used these models but based off Amazon reviews they have web access and an app too. They don't list their specifications for hardware. They are a Chinese company though so not sure if that matters to you.

There's not many options for AX under $100 but there's tons of AC. I don't see a point in AC at this point. Those models are years old. You mine as well get a newer one for the same price is my thinking.
Sorry if prices don't match. Idk UK pricing.
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