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OP was saying that his didn't go over 65c in those 10 days of folding, so, something killed the chip. I'm guessing he just had awful luck, but who knows? What really scares me though is that mine is a high clock/low voltage monster like his was (4.9GHz stable at 1.365v is what I'm currently doing), so what if mine is doomed to the same fate? I'm paranoid though, so whatever.

So I guess my question is, are there people that have been running 5.0-ish in 24/7 builds, and if so, how long have they been going for?

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Originally Posted by DB006 View Post

It's not volts that kills CPU, or is safe/not safe, it's heat.

If you want to pump 1.7v through your CPU, good luck in keeping it cool.

The only official line from Intel was 1.52v, and many benchmarkers and myself exceed that perfectly fine.
this is COMPLETE poop, heat does degrade your chip, but volts DEFINITY do too. you should read more on the topic.

and i had a 60mm 360mm rad only for the cpu, and as i said it NEVER got too hot, but it definitly damaged the chip.

Also cbgoding, you probably wont have the same problem as me because i left my cpu at 100% [email protected], under normal usage the degredation probably wouldn't have occured so soon
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