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Old 17-03-14, 01:42 PM
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Acrylic or PETG Tubing for Hard Pipe cooling


I am thinking for the next generation of my small rig I want to go completely liquid cooled and also hard plumb the system. I wanted to go with the primo chill new acrylic tubing and fittings. Then i saw a video showing the difference between PETG tubing and acrylic. PETG does not break/shatter and seems to be inexpensive if you look at McMaster http://www.mcmaster.com/#petg-tubing/=r4sfpn

Whats the way to go? They have the size there that fits the primo chill fittings.

Here is a video of H440 plumbed with PETG tubing

Thanks -- Rick

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Old 17-03-14, 03:20 PM
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Doesn't seem to be that much around about its application in water cooling. I'm glad you posted this though, I'll be going for it if I can find a UK supplier!

Edit: Acrylic in PCs is PMMA with a hygroscopic rate of 0.4%. Apparently PETG is not rated for UV (sunlight etc) and has a higher hygroscopic rate so you get leeching/yellowing etc...
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