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Old 05-11-13, 05:31 PM
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Post Haswell+Ram isent it 1.5v max?

isent the haswell processor maxed at 1.5v ram? ive read a thread where they where discussing what ram to get to haswell but i checked and it says that the suggested ram's where over 1.5v wont that just **** some **** up? or is ok whit some overclocks and whatnot? and all the fast ram ive found is over 1.5v. does that number mean anything or?

I wanted to get the corsair vengance pro 2400mhz but its 1.65v what will happen?

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Old 05-11-13, 06:12 PM
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1.5 Volt is recommended. It only very rarely happens that 1.65Volt RAM won't work and if it does, it is usually cause there is a pretty high overclock on the CPU.

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Old 05-11-13, 08:43 PM
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Okay thanks i am a bit of a nawb about memory
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2400mhz, corsair, haswell, ram, volts

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