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A Samsung UE55MU6670 to compliment the PS4 Pro

Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing.

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Velly noice. I got a 55" for £349. Was a 2017 model, but I was delighted to see "Supports 4k @ 60hz" when I plugged the Xbone X into it last week.

I've totally fallen in love with it. Not only is it good for gaming but it also supports *proper* 4k netflix (the first device I have had that does !) as well as 4k BR (though £20 a movie kinda scared me off) and it's the perfect bedroom media box too. The streaming quality is excellent, far better than the Fire stick I have.
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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Beyer crap ? Beyerdynamic are definitely not crap, Nigh on every studio in the world uses Beyerdynamic cans for recording and mastering.

Also as I said, The Schiit stack would have cost me over double.

Beyer AMP/DAC = £80

Basic Schiit Stack = £220

Little bit of a price difference.
I do believe professionals opt for the Sennheiser HD650 over Beyer due to the increased Freq range and THD of just 0.05%r. Avicii for example RIP, stated he disliked Beyer and opted for Sennheiser or V-MODA Crossfade.

I think one of the best quoted by most audiophile reviewers is the Shure SRH 1540. For open back mixing, Beyer do come out on top given price vs performance. Don't think the DT990pro can be challenged in that area.
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Originally Posted by trawetSluaP View Post

A Samsung UE55MU6670 to compliment the PS4 Pro

Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing.

wicked now go ropecast them thunderjaws and behemoths, must look great on that

wait till you do the new god of war that will look amazing
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