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Old 06-07-12, 12:26 AM
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Project - StarCraft Tribute


My name is Johnny Stone,
I am a 18 year old dude that is in last year of senoir high school , with the orientaion digital design. As every other student the time was come to do the projectwork/examwork.
I new I wanted to do something with building/ modding a chassi/pc. I wnt through different themes in my head but quite early decided it whould be a StarCraft themed build. For you who don't know what it is, it's an strategy game out in space very simply described. The core of the game can be compared with Age of Empires. As of StarCraft being in space it is very SCI-Fi like. So i choosed to inplement that in the theme and description so asmany of you could understand the meaning of this build. The simple conclusion why I chose StarCraft themed build is that I am a huge fan of the game and has played since SC2 came out. For you who know anything about the game, this will make sense with me not even explaining the details, but ofcourse i will describe them and the motivation behind the design.

The goal of this build is to become a more experienced and skilled modder. Up until now I have only done small mods and theme builds. This one i am aiming for to be big!

I will originate from fractal designs chassi Define XL, that i got sponsored with. This case has big potetial in being modded. I will make a custom design on this case, taking away parts and adding others, basicly do what i can and what is possible to make the wanted result.

This is my first drawings of a few ideas i had.

More refined drawings

If you translate this binary code you will get day9, and what is day9 you ask? Day9 is a alias for Sean Plott who is a starcraft1 player and became a commentator and analyzer of the game, he is one of the most appriciated person in the Starcraft communty, on of my personal favorites!

Day9 quote is "Be a better gamer" so i implemented that into the design. Quite neat i think personally.

This will be one of my fangrills, the symbol in the middle is a logo for one of the three races that you can play in the game, one of the races have 2 symbols just so you know becasue i will be using the other ones to.

The StarCraft 2 logo, will be gracing the front of the chassi.

Done with drawing

After so many hours in AutoCAD and with some help i finally have the parts drawn exact.
All these parts will be cut out with laser. After so many tries to get a company to help me cut these out i finally got hold of a company called Plåtspecialisten Örebro. They will stand for the laser cutting So thankful!

These are all the details, I didn't want to upload a single image of every detail since I will be doing that once they are made.

Fangrill that will be on the side of the chassi, the same side as the window. Behind it I will have a 240 radiator for watercooling.

This will be the first layer of sidepanel, holes for the window and the fans. The window shape is a siluette of a marine, the marine is a common soldier in Starcraft.

Second layer of sidepanel, kewl.

The other sidepanel, there will be a motifs coating in the middle

First layer at the top

Second layer at the top, you'll have to imagine how it will look for now

A special plate that will cover the HDD bay and 5,25 bay.
PenguinMawdz logo at the bottom, I designed the logo an afternoon I didn't have anything fun to do, I really like to logo myself!:thumb:

The logo in full

fractal design

I am sponsored by the swedish company fractal design.


These will be gone soon!

This will be enough for me!

The top 180mm fan will also be gone soon, I have to make room for a 360 rad in the roof

Starting the work

Bring out the drill to drill the rivets out that's holding the bottom 2 HDD cages, as I need to make space for a 240 rad.

Cutting out as big area as I can, partly to loose som weight on the chassi but also to avoid to have make precision cut out for the fans and frontconnectors, the first layer of top panel will cover it so it doesn't make any difference visually.

Taken away the frontconnectors, I will move them to fit to my new design, a problem though is that I have designed the USB connectors to lay the other way. Only option left is to...

go down in the workshop and use a sawblade that I found and cut it apart!

The last one I couldn't use the vice to hold it so I had to hold it myself. DANGEROUS!

but as I placed the connectors so close to eachother the cables are in the way! :waah:
An alternative that works is to have the conectors split ways so one is roght and one upside down, then the cables won't interfere with one another. Not the nicest looking but hey it works. In the mean time I will be looking for other connections to use

As I don't need the originall holes for the front connector I had to fill them over with filler, first attempt I used something I thought whould work but apperently it didn't so i had to take it away and then use fine filler instead This is the first layer applied of fine filler.

Sanded it and reapplied again, and sanded again this is after 2 times with filler. I think i used 3 layers to get the result I wanted :thumb:

Rivited back the top and 5,25 bay. Also mounted the HDD cage back

not really happy with how the cut at the top went, it was my first time using the tool. It doesn't really matter because it won't be visibly.

That is all for now, wow that was a long post. lol

Next update will contain the parts that got laser cut !

Please leave your feedback and opinions, I'd love some tips from you guys (and girls :thumb

// Johnny "PenguinMawdz" Stone

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Old 06-07-12, 12:29 AM
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Been a while since I updated, my bad!
More to come now instead

Here is the first batch of pieces I got from my sponsor Plåtspecialisten, a company that cuts with for example laser, the way these have been cut!

A Huge thank you to them for doing all this for free to help me out! <3

Sadly I had sent the wrong version of my drawings, so I got the wrong pieces apperently. It's easy to mess upp all the versions since I have over 10 different versions of every single detail.

This was fixed and new pieces was cut out Thanks!

Good packeging to prevent damage and scrathing to the parts

Got a nice note on the box when I picked it up haha yes I may be a freak, but a StarCraft freak #coolguy

Here is a preview of how it will be mounted, problem was that the marine (guy siluette) didn't get cut out. As you might have guessed that's where the window will go.

Measuring how big the motifs coating will be, will be around 2 A4. EXITING!!!!!!
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Old 06-07-12, 12:30 AM
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Hello again
I test mounted how it whould fit roughly, with duct tape..
My brother warned me to let the duct tape sit to long, later I had to scrape tape glue for a while^^:sigh:

Sat down one day and designed a logo and brand for my future mods, I like it very mutch myself!
What do you think?

Got the last plates, sadly it **** itself cutting out the text of my logo of some strange reason...:sigh:

The new fangrill with the right measures

You see the difference?

Now the marine was cut out, looking really nice in my opinion!:clap:

close up

roughly how it will be looking when it's mounted

These are the buttons I will be using to the power and reset button. I know it's not that practical to have the reset button as big as the power button, but I think the design is mutch nices that way, also it should be no problem to guess wich one is the power and reset, as it will be painted to inform.

So time to mount it together, I had a huge time pressure, it had to be done the day after..

Used a 2 component epoxy glue with a curing time of about 3 hours, chose between that and a epoxy that harden in 2 minutes, but then I whouldn't have the time to apply it on these big areas.

let the magic happen!

heard it wasn't any good to get epoxy on your hands, so on with the plastic gloves!


Love that you look so happy when you focus ^^ :thumb:

The thing with using plastic gloves can be discussed if it was so smooth to use!!

Applied it to the righ plate, then I emptied the bookshelf to get some pressure on it High tech with Photoalbums and VHS ;D

Next plate...

Plate almost done.. but what has happend to my back xD haha maybe have to bring up the table a little^^

third plate.. Yeah you get it from now on


time to peel of overflow glue It took quite a long time since you need to be picky :3

put on the plate to get a plain surface, clamping it down to


predrilling, didn't find any normal safety glasses so used these HUGE ones that wasn't very comfy!! xD

taped, gomna countersink it now.


The SC2 logo under construction, chose to use specers to get more depth and life in the logo/chassi!

straight from the front you cant really tell that I used spacers.. but that's the point :P if it makes sense

Done mounting for now.

Used m4 machine screw to secure the fangrill for now as I needed to get it done for the accounts in school. Not sure if i will keep this solution later aswell, ant suggestions?

More depth in the SC2 logo

That acrylic was just temporary, didn't have time to cut one that fittet so used that one, will use another one on the final product.

Done for now with it, just a few touches before I will send it to a refinisher will return with more information on that partnership

Stay Tuned!
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Old 06-07-12, 12:31 AM
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What I have done is attach the top panel as they were only period fixed. As before I am using superstrong epxoy glue, well they say it's strong atleast!
Except that I am prepering it for shipping it away to be painted, so now I want to introduce you to my new sponsor DM Finearts!


Extreme thank you to Dennis /DM Finearts!
He is a very skilled guy that has posted some of his works around on the web, please check them out and give him some support!
He will be painting the chassi, It will be so awesome and with high quality! A litle hint is that it will be a awesome motifs coating on the opposite side of the window sidepanel.
Check out his links!

Also a extreme thank you to the SweClockers member j0h4N that sponsored me with the sleeving for this build!

Sorry for the quality of some pictures as their taken with my phone when it has been the alternative I have had when im down in the workshop.

As you can se when I mounted it, it didn't turn out perfect so I had to polish the edges so the button and connectors could fit as they should!

Getting stuck on the edges

fixed the audioports aswell

A good selection of files, also had a multitool that I could use!:dremel:

Also gave the buttons itself a turn, so now everything fits good! Now the question is how I will mount all the front connections, as I don't use the standard place I have to come up with a new way to fasten them, I'm thinking of a metal bracket of some sort, If you have any suggestions please tell them in the comments! :thumb:

I love packages!:clap:

Still suprised that you could fit 80m sleeve in that small package!

ooooh I love that Navy Blue colour!!! hehe

Lemon is a good way to keep you awake in the night, right? xD

Applied epoxy

Nice weights^^ hahaha

Waiting for some packages from other places now

Later all
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Old 06-07-12, 12:31 AM
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Join Date: Jul 2012
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Now it's time to send it away to DM Finearts.
I have packaged it well so it doesn't get damaged on the way. You know how companies handle things^^
This case is getting huge, just the chassi is 20-22kg and with all the hardware that will go in it it will rise alot.
Just a few pics of my very nice packaging and the size of it

15" laptop, a "normal" computer , quiete small if you compare. This chassi is maybe not anything you will be moving everyday :P!

Just started the packaging, more was added.


PS! Sent it and it arrived, just a decal was loose when it arrived, have to glue it back when I recieve it.
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Old 06-07-12, 12:32 AM
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Hi again!

Got a package from Nils /MDPX - X
A really nice guy and the quality is on top!

Very fast delivery I must say!

Love his small drawing, it makes it more personal

Wasn't satisfied with the heatshrink I already had at home so I bought 8m of his with 4:1 shrinkrate.

Also bought some cableties to do the cable routing easier and cleaner.
10 x small
10 x medium
10 x big

Nils even sent some samples, always nice to get some extra


All the package contained, ooh i forgot the molex, maybe you'll see it in a later update.

Bye bye:clap:
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Old 06-07-12, 12:33 AM
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Got my MSi Z77A-GD65 that I ordered, unfortunatly I got a bad example,
There is bad quality of the painting and also marks allover after the machine that has made the cooling parts.
I hope that they accept to change it for a new one, I think this isn't good enough to keep and use in this project. Im'm unlucky since I haven't seen anyone else have these problems. Otherwise I think it's a really nice looking mobo and has great performance and features.

Better luck next time?

Fast delivery from swedish Inet as always


You can't really see it on the picture but there's scratches on the sides of the cooler.

some paint missing on the corner

The cut isn't straight and also marks of it.

There is spots of lighter paint on it, also a few marks..

Well see if i'm allowed to change it!

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Old 06-07-12, 12:35 AM
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Got my CPU-block that I ordered!
Personally I think it's one of the nicest looking blocks out there, and performance wise I have seen it perform very well. It's made by a not that famous brand, Mips.

Here's some pics

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Old 06-07-12, 12:36 AM
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Hello Hello Hello

I want to introduce my new sponsor Mayhems!
A huge thank you to Michael @ Mayhems for your support and good contact.

Got a package containing 5ltr Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O, 10ml Blue dye och 10ml Biocide Extreme

a few pics on the products

Haha, Child safety cap! Yes it was as I had big problems getting it open :thumb: Guess im still a child:clap:

10 ml Blue dye, the text followed off with the tape :P

Biocide och PH-Charts

Thanks again to Mayhems and all the other companies that have supported me and this build!

Cya later
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Old 06-07-12, 12:37 AM
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I want to introduce my new sponsor Corsair!

A big thank you to both Gareth and Corsair for your trust and support for this project!
The package that arrived contained,
10 x 120SP "Quiet" edition
3 x 140AF "Quiet" edition
1 x AX850W PSU

For you that's not familiar with these new fans, the SP version stands for Static Pressure and is designed to work best in tight areas for example using them with a radiator is great! The AF version stands for Air Flow and is designed for more open spaces as using them for casefans.

Enjoy the pictures

The package of 1 fan contains 3 exchangeable color rings, blue, red and white, 4 black fan mounting screws and a low voltage adapter.

Army of Corsair fans!

Play some Jenga?

Fan Flower


Must say that the packaging was really good, lots of layers to prevent anything from being damaged during shipping:thumb:

All the cables

Corsair cables I consides quiete good, they are all black and then have a sleeving over them. If you compare these to other cables from other companies I think they are very good! They will do fine for many people and builds, but it's not the quality or colour I want on my build, so I will be sleeving them myself and hoping to get a better result.

Testing the PSU, "oooops" I voided the warranty

Just some work being done on my desk

Psst!... There will be more from Corsair:clap:

Thanks for showing your support, it helps me alot!:clap:
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