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Old 19-02-21, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
I'm guessing the 35VQ model is recently just released? It could be a firmware issue that needs to be addressed in a firmware update. That's probably what it is considering this same laptop works on a different monitor with a different aspect ratio. It's clearly working as it should. Just not the new one.
I believe this monitor is from H2 2018. Im a little nervous screwing about with this laptop. Our company are so strict about admin rights, and as an engineer i had to fight tooth and nail to be allowed full access. I dont want to really mess it up.

however... I wonder if I made things worse by adding the latest firmware on the monitor. I was never able to find the full details on what it resolved aside from the colour gamut.

I guess I just have to have 2 widescreens side by side

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Old 19-02-21, 06:14 PM
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If possible you can output to the working one and daisy chain DP to the second one?
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Old 23-02-21, 10:34 AM
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Been trying to change my profile picture but each time I get a little message saying "Unable to save image", It is the correct size and under the maximum KB limit.

Any way around this or is this going back to the server provider issue we had last year ?
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