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Old 12-09-11, 02:06 AM
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[As FunkyMonkey90 kindly pointed out in another thread, it seems wise to wait until the new options come out toward the end of this year and early next year. So, with that in mind consider this request on hold. Thank you to those who read and posted.]

Hello, all. I could really use your help and creative criticism on a build I am considering before I make some ill-advised decisions. Anything I have made in the past has pretty much been a stock machine. Now I'd like to try my hand at some basic water-cooling for noise reduction, the experience, and overclocking. It will be pretty much a gaming rig.

So, what I've come up with so far is:

1) CPU: Intel i5-2500k Seems to be good value for the money and can't see the need for the i7-2600k

2) MB: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-z This is pretty much completely based upon how it looks. Yes, I know it's not rational as the Z68 chipset seems wasted on me, but I like the color scheme. As I'm looking for watercooling, it might be nice to show it off with an appropriate case. I'm concerned about using Crossfire/SLI on this MB and was also thinking about the advantages of a dedicated PCI soundcard which would not be possible with multiple GPUs (and the Extreme IV-Z seems outrageous for what I would do). If anyone has a better selection, PLEASE let me know. -if it sounds like I am asking you to talk me out of this, perhaps I am-

3) HDs: Crucial M4 128GB as OS and quick program drive, with at least 1 recycled Caviar black 1TB (I have two which could be available) for mass storage

4) Memory: 2x4GB of appropriate RAM (4x4GB purely for vanity reasons, if not too expensive, rather than actually thinking I would utilize it)

5) Video Card(s): Right now I have an XFX HD6950 2GB (695A-CNFC stock) and was thinking of adding another 6950 (Sapphire Toxic?) for some Crossfire experience. Also in possession of (2) 1920x1200 monitors, and was thinking of possibly picking up another and trying Eyefinity.

6) WC: The XSPC Rasa kit seems like a good place to start, keeping to just the CPU.

7) Case: Another sticking point. [s]Keeping it small with something like an NZXT Vulcan seems to have appeal, but trying to cram all of this into it and trying internal watercooling seems doomed.[/s] Perhaps a Fractal Design Arc Midi (but no side window)? Smaller would be better, but am open to a nice larger case (some of those BitFenix Full Towers look mighty tempting). Having a side window would be nice, but not a deal-breaker.

8) PSU: Corsair modular 850 watt due mainly to the possible dual 6950s.

Well, that seems to be what I have. Again, any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for you patience.

-edit to simplify a bit

-edit to change build status

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Old 12-09-11, 10:39 AM
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If you want a decent loop you will need a big case and if you do want to add gpu's to the xspc kit the pump wont be brilliant with 3 blocks
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Old 13-09-11, 02:40 AM
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Originally Posted by ruthless_villain View Post

If you want a decent loop you will need a big case and if you do want to add gpu's to the xspc kit the pump wont be brilliant with 3 blocks
Alright, Ruthless. Thanks for the info on the loop. Guess I will stick with just the CPU loop and on a later build work on the cards if I am so inclined. Tom's video on the Arc Midi talked about it being good for watercooling, if I remember correctly. Any other thoughts?

I'll amend my build to remove the VC WC mention.

Thanks again!
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