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Probs should set up a "remember the days" thread

Heres some kit, still working i have on my desk... never throw anything away!!

Core Frequency: 150 MHz

Board Frequency: 60 MHz

Clock Multiplier: 2.5

Data bus (ext.): 64 Bit

Address bus: 32 Bit

Transistors: 3,000,000

Circuit Size: 0.35 µ

Core / I/O Voltage: 2.8 / 3.3 V

Introduced: 02/1996

L1 Cache: 16 KB

CPU Code: M1R

Package Type: Ceramic



Socket: 7

32mb EDO Ram chips - POWER!!!

Biostar Tpower I55, I5 750 @ 4.2Ghz, 4GB Kingston DDR3, Custom water loop - Thermochill PA120.3, Heatkiller 3.0 LC, Laing DDC Ultra, XSPC res top, XSPC white hose, Asus 5870, Antec Quattro 1000, Lian Li PC-X2000, Win7 ultimate.

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Old 31-07-10, 12:45 AM
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EDO made bloody good keyrings. That's why I have none of them left

Chips fall off eventually, but nothing says "geek" more than using one as a keyring lol.
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Best CPU ever made by Intel IMO. Especially if you had two. Amazing chips.
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Old 10-11-13, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by 7up View Post
EDIT: Since my first post, I have fixed my issue. Hope the checklist of solutions below proves useful to others suffering the dreaded Asus 'Chassis intruded' error.

Be sure to refer to an approved guide and/or online manual for each of these fixes.

(For me, it was a simple hardware connection issue, Fix 2. Guess my soundcard was a little loose. Duh.)


As always, thank you in advance guys.

Tearing my hair out here.

The story: I recently cleaned and dusted my whole rig.

But now, after careful reassemble, I get a 'Chassis Intruded' error every time I try to start up.

The only change in my setup are two additional fans I have installed.

I have scoured for solutions to the Asus 'Chassis Intruded' and have tried the following:

Fix 1 - Reset CMOS:

1. Power down, unplug, remove MOBO battery

2. switch jumper pins from 1-2 to 2-3 for 20 secs

3. return jumper pins to default position

4. Boot.

(This method allows me to boot up ONCE, as it reverts to a 'BIOS setup' default. As soon as I shut down then next time, same problem. Please note, I can't access BIOS before the message appears. Also, there is definitely no option to permanently bypass the Chassis Intrusion feature on the Asus P5K Premium. Thanks a bunch, Asus.)

Fix 2 - Check for loose connections/wires touching case. Check for loose screws. Check case is secure.

Fix 3 - Bad RAM? Try with one stick. No good. Try another. Still no good.

Fix 4 - Flash BIOS to latest version with EZ Flash update utility. Update succesful. Boots once, as above

Fix 5 - Reset 5 times in a row.

Fix 6 - Check Chassis Intrusion jumper is secure

Any ideas, folks?


Rig Specs:


Video Card: ATI Radeon HD '4870 X2'

MOBO: Asus P5K Premium wifi ap

- DMA/ATA 133 (Ultra) x 1, DMA/ATA 66 (Ultra) x 1, Socket LGA775, ATX, Intel P35 Chipset

Sound card: Creative SB X-Fi ExtremeGamer

Memory: 6GB

(2x2G Corsair TwinX XMS2, DDR2

+(2x1G Geil Black Dragon 2GB 2x 1GB 800Mhz Dual Channel DDR2

Hard drive: 750GB Samsung HD753LJ

Operating System Version: Windows 7 (64 bit)

Similar story with me...i could boot once after clearing cmos

Well i was about to buy a new mobo but i couldn't answer the question " if i can boot once and everything is ok , what goes wrong after?"

To make the story really sort ... dude in my case i has just to ender bios the first time AND CHANGE THE [email protected]*NG date and time........

(Ahhhhhh ..... i remember some times 1998 , internet used to give really good answers but you could spent days for that)
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