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Old 01-06-13, 04:54 PM
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Cooler Master HAF XM or Corsair 500R or 600T

Hello My PC-Friends and -Freaks

First of all i'm sorry for my english, i'm Swiss. Correct me if i'm wrong, i need t learn this!

I need some Feedback for those three Cases: Cooler Master HAF XM, Corsair 500R and Corsair 600T.
I'm kind of switching between these three Cases, because i'm looking for Excellent Airflow, Silence, Looks and Functionality. I'm going for a red-themed build, so everyone of these (500r in black, 600T in black / graphite grey maybe) would fit my needs in look.
But i'm also going for great Airflow wich all are good Cases for, but the HAF XM has the top Rad mount, if i want to add a Rad in the Future.
The 500R, you can stick some silent Fans in and you're good to go. The HAF XM comes with two 200 millimeter Fans, so when they're loud, i had to use Voltage-resistors for the Fans, and they're already not a Monster in pushing Air (I have some of the same Fans in a HAF 912), or we do some modding and fit some 140 Millimeter or 120 Millimeter.
For the Looks, all are looking absolute awesome. I really like the industrial Look of the HAF-Series, but also the simplicity of the 500R and the 600T just looks awesome this or that way and has a Window, wich is a plus for the 600T.

For the Functionality:
I like the two Hot-Swap-Bays fro the HAF XM, i can really use them since i do frequent Backups on 2 identical HD's. And, as i mentioned before, the HAF XM has that Rad-mount, wich ins't quite a Rad-mount.
From the 500R i like the removable HDD-Cages, the pop-off Dustfilters and it's tidyness, but i dont like the reset Motherboard-tray.

From the 600T i really like, as with the 500R, the removable HD-Cages, pop-off Dustfilters and the Sidepanels, with it's one Window and the quick-opening-latches, wich are very handy, since i open my Case a lot. However, i was quite shocked about the 600T has USB 3.0 wich i have to plug in at the back of my Motherboard. I know i could get a normal USB 3.0 to internal USB 3.0 Adapter, but i live in Switzerland and it's not that easy to get something like this here. I also dont really like that 200-only mount in the Front.

Now, i need help for wich Case i should buy. Take your Time by thinking and thank you

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Old 02-06-13, 11:26 PM
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All of those are excellent cases. Cant really go wrong with any of them. I bought the 500R a little while back and absolutely love the thing. It is superb with great build quality, great cable management, plenty of room for plenty of stuff but its not super huge and fits perfectly on the shelf where I have mine and my wifes computer sitting. The build quality of this thing is very solid and well done. Best of all, my H100 fits in the top with the fans underneath just perfectly.

Im a bit of a Corsair fan so that helped swayed me too.

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Old 03-06-13, 08:05 AM
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Just to throw it into the equation. Have you thought about the Fractal Define R4 windowed version? It has really good airflow, with the ability to mount 2x120mm in the front and the same in the roof. You would be able to put Rads in both spots by removing the HDD cages. The case is really good at keeping out dust too due to the moduvent they have in their cases. Oh yea and the fact they look really professional :P
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Old 03-06-13, 06:56 PM
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First of all thanks for the quick Reply Didn't know that Forum was so living :P
Really? I was a little bit concerned about the Ruggedness of this Case, because in a few Video's, one from TTL btw, someone touched the Case a little bit and it shaked like it was on a Metalparty. For Example can i put my weight on it and it won't wiggle a bit? That's kinda my Ruler for a Case :P But i also like that the H100i (i have one, use it mainly on my Testbench, but im gonna put it in the new Case for sure) just fits in there and is beautifully tidy but not too tight.
The Fractal Design Define R4 windowed version isn't available in my Region and i don't wan't to ship one to Switzerland. But i thought about it and searched it on my local Stores Sites, but didn't find it.
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Old 03-06-13, 06:58 PM
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Take a look at the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
Has everything you look for, if you can look through the white HDD bays and PCI Slot Covers
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Old 17-06-13, 01:42 PM
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So the Decision is made: i'm going to get a Corsair Air 540... Why the Hell has no big Vendor thought of that brilliant Concept...?
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500r, 600t, cooler master, corsair, haf xm

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