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Old 14-09-14, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ShaunB-91 View Post
I never bothered with any of it tbh. :\
Meh, I've started over the past week or so.

A company called Horse Hill developments have discovered the largest oil well ever to be found on UK mainland, so all the associated companies have increased in value hugely over the past few days and it's expected they'll continue to do so.

Good time to get involved in stuff

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Old 14-09-14, 07:03 PM
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To do any good, you really need to be buying round lots, which is a lot of 100 shares at a time, then when it goes up 12 cents, you make 12 dollars. It goes up 3.00 and you get 300.00 (on a small cap penny stock, you might want to do 1,000 shares). Also have a diverse portfolio with some Industrial, some consumer goods, some tech, some precious metals, some energy, some small cap, some mid cap, and so on.
Tesla did well for me last year and also this year so far with over 100% growth both years, and there are others that do well also.
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