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Old 12-06-09, 12:04 AM
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Intel x58?

hi evry1

my question to you all is that i have just bought a gigabyte ex58-extreme which was expensive, i just want to know how futureproof is the x58 mb structure with all the new cpu's planned by intel?

also what is the big difference between i5 and i7, i read that the i5 is a watered down version of the i7, is that true?

thanks in advance

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Old 12-06-09, 09:56 AM
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Future proof ? Knowing technology today, it'd probably a suitable platform 5 years down the line. It is afterall a workstation ideal platform.

Not so sure about i5 being a watered down i7, if it is the case, it goes against the convention of Intel mobos previously. Previously an x38/x48 would hit the market at a cost, then the p35/p45 would come along with lessons learnt plus the newer version of the i/o chipset. That much cheaper.

Saying this now, I'm not sure if the new i5 mobos are going to come with SATA3 (possibly) and/or USB3 (less likely) as standard.

And ofc ASUS/Gigabyte will produce another 5 versions of the mobo.

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