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Old 26-12-08, 05:41 AM
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Which Combo will be best for my setup?

Hey everyone, well it's Christmas, and I got $110, $60 from my grandpa, and $50 from my parents. Anyways, I'm going to borrow the rest for this rig, and pay it back later. I have a 17" LCD, Cheap Speaker, a Keyboard, and Mouse, but really, the current PC I'm on sucks, so I'm in need of a upgrade, but a cheap one.

Anyways, I was looking at a budget of less than $300 (204 Pounds for all of you in the UK ). Anyways, I was going to reserve $50 for a custom Computer Case from a friend, and the rest for the parts, so $230. Anyways, now I need help deciding my CPU motherboard Combo. I just want to know, which setup will be better for my needs.

I have the Memory, Video Card, and Hard Drives picked out. Going to run one 80 GB for just the OS, and the other for Program Files and Documents, I want fast boot times, and clean un-fragmented drives. I'm probably going to have to cut down to only 1 HDD for budget reasons.

Memory - WINTEC AMPX (2 x 1 G

Video Card - ASUS 3650 Fanless

Hard Drives - 2 x WD 80 GB SATA's

Optical Drive - LG DVD Burner w/ LightScribe

Now... I was thinking the Athlon 64 X2 5400+ Stock, or the Intel E2200 overclocked to about 2.7'ish. But for just heavy web browsing, music, maybe a movie once in a while, and light gaming (only source games), I'm not sure what's best. I hear AMD is better for multi tasking, so that might be better for me needs but I'm not 100% sure. And for the Intel, overclocking might not go stable on the low end boards, less than $50 so I'm not sure, here's what I was looking at.

AMD Athlon X2 5400+: Link

Foxconn A74MX-K 740G

GIGABYTE GA-M61PME-S2 GeForce 6100/nForce 430

Intel E2200: Link


So, I'm wondering, which setup, with which of the motherboards would be the best in terms of stability, for the Intel's, it has to give a good stable overclock, and not have the NB roasting, and I want to know, which will give better performance for multi-tasking, not nesscerily for gaming.


I hope to get my gaming rig ordered within the next week, I just need some good feedback, once again, Thanks Everyone!

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Old 26-12-08, 06:50 AM
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Personally, I'd opt for an (i)G31 chipset with an E2200/E5200. Its the best combo, and will be useful for a long while. Its also inexpensive, and both products benefit each other.


For your next option, you could get either an E2180, E2200, E2220 or an

E5200. The prices are a bit odd, the E2180 being the same price as the E2200, and the E5200 being slightly cheaper than the E2220.

Good Luck.
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Old 26-12-08, 11:35 AM
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Can't argue too much with that. I'd be sure u get a great standard mobo so that in the future u can switch out the cpu if u feel the need.

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