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Old 12-07-08, 10:19 PM
Acid90 Acid90 is offline
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Interesting read mate, thanks for that.

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Old 13-07-08, 02:52 PM
rrjwilson rrjwilson is offline
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If I'm honest all that articles proves to me is Vista's ineptitude for gaming.

I have made the swap from 3 processors all of roughly the same production time to get to my current rig and achieve the best I could.

It started by needing a new GPU as games were pwning my setup. This then made me realise it was not the GPU but the CPU holding it back. CPU in question was a AMD64X2 4400+ and the new GPU was a single Asus Extreme 8800GTX. I changed from what I thought was an ageing X800XT PE to the GTX and received less than 10FPS increase (I place at better coding by nVidia not the actual card). Frustrated with this I went to an E6600 and received a further 100FPS and this isn't in something thats programmed properly to use all cores this is CSS. With some spare cash and a SuperSpecial i bought a Q6600 and received a further 50FPS again this is in CSS which is simply not designed for multithreading.

All of this was done on XP 32-bit then I found out about memory problems with 32-bit and went 64-bit and added the heapsize command for an added 15FPS or so. The benefit of the heapsize is not high performance but more stable FPS.
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Old 27-07-08, 05:59 PM
chefinal chefinal is offline
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that cooler is massive
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Old 10-09-08, 01:26 AM
Counter Terrorist Zombie Counter Terrorist Zombie is offline
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Hi Guys!

It's been a bit since I've been in here so sorry for the delay!

rrjwilson - I upgraded to a quad core whilst at uni. I was doing a 3D project and couldn't wait 30seconds more for my test renders Anyhow, once that project was complete I saw no benefit of the quads (money locked up tbh). My biggest concern of downgrading was the degraded performance in Supreme Commander - to my surprise hardly any noticeable difference (imo, playing single play skirmish battles with 1k unit limits).

I still do a bit of 3D rendering and the difference is obvious between the dual and quad.

The heatsink does have a fan - the fan from my Thermaltake Big Typhoon. routing of air is a bit more complicated and needs some photos to explain whats going on (I'll do that tomorrow).

The cpu is currently clocked @ 3.8GHz with the following temps:

Idle: 44c (average core temp)

Load: 55c (average core temp)

Room temp: Roughly 26/28c - please bear this in mind!

Ram: 5-5-5-18 @ 1:1 (system fsb 430MHz)

System is okay for the only game I play at the moment lol

Team Fortress 2 (minimum 35fps | 1680x1050)
I'm Back! (Finished uni, woohoo)
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Old 21-09-08, 12:33 PM
General_Chris General_Chris is offline
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Hey looks nice man gj
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Old 24-09-08, 12:41 AM
Classified95 Classified95 is offline
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NZXT makes awesome cases. I see that one advertised in computer magazines a lot. Your old parts suck, but the new ones are nice.
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