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I think it's actually better for NVidia now, with the 1000 series if someone wanted to spend £1k+ or so on GPUs they'd probably have to go SLI. But now NVidia have single card products going way upto £1.1k or whatever, which must have much better margins than two cards because of the manufacturing costs and stuff, as long as GPU dies keep scailing upwards more aggressively it should be ok. Yeah a 2080 is a good choice too or VII depending on what you're going for and local prices.

Also I know I've covered this alot but the RTX2080Ti die is way way larger than a 1080Ti die, they genuinely moved the product stack into a category that consumer gaming cards had never reached before (700mm+ dies). The only similarly sized card before it was the £3000 Titan V, SLI dying isn't the reason the 2080Ti costs so much, it's because it's of the absolute limits of silicon manufacturing(Which is a first for a gaming card really), maybe the death of SLI is partly what motivated them to push for top class single die silicon in consumer markets though.
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