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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Amazeballs. I love candy haha. It's hard to paint too, so props for that.
you know its not edible right

it could have been better if the rattle can primer did not fish eye on the bare metal (although because it was a test i got lazy and never panel wiped it) which would have meant the silver base laid down better. i really dont mind painting and paint prep, on this project its everything that came before it that let it down but ive learnt a fair few things about metal work now so hoping the nas build goes better.

Originally Posted by Excalabur50 View Post
That candy looks amazing
thanks for the kind words people hopefully we can make this look good after all

not sure if the video works but it gives a better idea of the metallic underneath. the left panel did not turn out so well as i mixed the metallic in with the candy over a white primer base but i like trying things with paint

direct link to video
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