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To be fair, Charlie Demerjan over at Semiaccurate has been saying Intel's 10nm was a broken mess since about 2015 and he seems to have hit the nail on the head consistently over these years with its progress. Going from all of his leaks that wccftech article seems quite realistic. Sounds like they essentially had to go back to the drawing board in 2018 to fix the yield issues and more or less create a new less ambitious node entirely for performance parts.

Also of course, back when Intel announced 14nm+ or whatever they basically said in no uncertain terms that initial generations of 10nm would be much slower than mature 14nm. And the fact Coffee Lake was never meant to exist.

“We hear that internally Intel is quite worried about making the launch of Cannon even though it is still about a year away. This is no ordinary early silicon issue, it is a serious and unexpected problem. Coffee lake being added at the last minute between Kaby and Cannon should shed some light on the depths of Intel’s 10nm woes, things are a mess. More when we get it, but for now, not a merry Christmas for those singing from hymnals D1C and D1D.” -SemiAccurate Dec 22, 2016
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