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Did anyone see that Tesla has entered the chip market last night?(Jim Keller and Pete Bannon are behind this possible little masterpiece of a chip) A 230mm^2 piece of silicon manufactured by Samsung that Musk claims to be "The best chip ever built", Tesla famously dropped NVidia a year or so back because they didn't have any hardware in market that could provide Full Self Driving in Tesla's required timeframes. Not only does the new Tesla FSDC seem to significantly outperform the NVidia Xavier hardware originally intended for the job, but NVidia's rebuttal this morning that they *do* have hardware capable really proved Tesla's point, the only thing they have comparable to Tesla's chip(Which has been shipping for around a month) is a device that consumes 4 times the power with only x2 the theoretical max performance and isn't ready for mass market.

Not sure what's more surprising, the fact Musk stuck to the timeline outlined 6 months ago or the fact they've actually come out all guns blazing and put current CPU/GPU manufacturers to shame in terms of perf/watt & safety, really it's the stackk built on top of it that will decide this chips future, but that's looking quite favourable compared to the stack NVidia not long ago infamously "ripped" from an Intel open source project.
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