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I kicked off rebuild this morning at about 11 stopping at 4 to pick up our toddler from creche at 4.

To begin it looked like this:

2700X hidden under a wraith prism rgb and a standard Vega 64 in standard config. Tidy enough considering that there is an Aquaero 6LT hidden on the reverse of the panel on the right and it is fully hooked up.

Next to throw some bits and bobs at it

and from a previous incarnation:

XSPC 360 RX V3.0 and an EK XE240 which will be fitted with Noiseblocker PL2s (push / pull)

Old EK and New EK

EK FC Vega 64 with standard Acetal top + the RGB upgrade version.

Converted from Acetal to RGB

Now to offer up a Vega 64!

A bit of cleaning later and we have this..

About an hour later faffing about with thermal pads and I have a newly suited Vega 64

Found some rust on the chokes underneath the power supply area. Looks like the previous block was rubbing and took the paint off.

Betraying my age probably here but on the left an Original EK Supreme, in the middle the EK Supremacy (non-Evo) and the latest edition EK Velocity

Rad Time | The EK XE240 will be on the bottom because it has 4 inlet / outlets of which 1 will be used as the drain. I have just about enough room to feed the tube through the rad mount.

Blocks fitted and a test / support tube fitted

Bottom rad fitted and getting suited up with some fans

I'm trying out Alphacool fittings this time round, replacing a mix of XSPC and some no name jobbies. First impressions are pretty good.

And the EK Velocity matches nicely with the Asus Prime decor.

Finally figured out pump placement. I had bought Aquacomputer's D5 bracket which is the most unusable piece of design I've come across in a long time, so ditched that and I've mounted the D5 directly to the case at a very slight angle to miss the Vega64.

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