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Thread: PCIe 16x
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Question PCIe 16x

I'm in the process of of completing a $4,000 build and I need some advice.

I realize this is a motherboard question but it's directly related to the graphics cards.

I plan to be doing 1440p gaming with max settings and AA. I want my frame rates to be at least 120+. I've chosen the 780TI as my platform and I'll be doing SLI.

I think 2 cards at the moment will meet my needs.

My question relates to the PCIe slots.

Some boards like the Asus Rampage 4 Black can use 2 PCIe 3.0 slots at 16x... but other boards will only let you use one slot at 16x.... if you use 2 cards you will be limited to 8x.

How will the 16x in SLI vs the 8x in SLI matter to my frame rate?

Thank you in advance.
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