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Na I doubt it to be honest. Your gpus will draw probably 200w each, maybe a touch more if you are ocing them, it's hard to know your platform power draw because of what you've overclocked the cpu to but based on a phenom 2 quadcore you'll be pulling around 200w again. So I'd say 650.

As you are looking for a decent quality psu (very sensible) you are looking at:

TX650 (non modular) for £74

But I would be tempted to to get something a little bit more powerful to give you some overhead for the future. Since you are turning to SLI you will probably do it again when you upgrade down the line and arguably it would save you another psu upgrade then. 650-850w.

With components getting more efficient you can probably get away with a 650 for a non powerhungry platform with 2 mid range cards.

We tend to recommend 850w for the most modern performance systems with sli/xf (ie 1155 with 2x 7970/680s running on air).

750w gives you the middle of the road - a decent system with a little overhead but it's not enough today for a top notch sli rig (but might be in the future).

People who want that and watercooling + loads of fans, LEDs and fan controllers need to be looking at 1000-1200w or more if they have 3 or 4 gpus.

So in that regard I'd say 650 or 850w. 650 of you are happy with your setup and don't intend on making a beastly 1155/2011 twin top-of-the-line card setup now or in the future. Go 850 if you do.

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