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Rendering - Weird Color Problem

Hello, I'm new in this forum so I say sorry in advance if this topic is not in the right section and in that case I hope an admin will move it in the right place.

I'm here because I really like to use editing programs like After Effects and Sony Vegas. I had some experience some months ago, when i used to edit with Camtasia and then upload videos on Youtube.
Recently I tried to render some videos in h264, the recommended output file for Youtube, in 1280x720, both in After Effects and Sony Vegas, but after the rendering the colors of the final video were horrible and different by the original file.
If i render videos in big output files like QuickTime, everything is fine, but obviously I can't keep Gigabytes of material and upload them on Youtube. I know that original and edited videos are never exactly the same, but every respectful channel on YT has good quality videos with perfect saturation and contrast.
I record with Fraps my work on programs and sometimes my gaming.
If I render with Camtasia, the colors are good.
If I use Ae or SV, the nightmare begins.

For Sony Vegas, I had to download the h264 output.
I heard also somewhere that sometimes is a Grapchic Card issue, and that's why I started here this topic.
I hope to find a solution. I really enjoy editing.

Tell me what information you need and I'll give you.

Thank you for the attention.
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