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Thread: AMD GPU Drivers
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Old 02-08-21, 09:29 PM
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I'd agree with getting a block yourself would make it far easier to fix any issues than having an AIO, i'd expect while a little scary it's no more scary than your first ever build or cpu install, just follow a good guide and double check.

As for AMD drivers my 6800XT has had zero issues i've had mine since late last year, only minor one i had was when installing a driver i had to repair the install of the driver as the control panel didn't open, it's only happened once and i've installed a bunch of drivers.

The 6800XT for me has been golden at 144hz 1440p and since FSR a fair few games like godfall maxed out hit my fps cap most everything i play without FSR is normally around 110fps+ The DXR side of things while slower isn't as bad as many would have you think i've had no issues in any game.

my 2 cents at least.
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