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Originally Posted by sushisky View Post
how do you sleeve double wires tho? :/
Originally Posted by SuB View Post
you can fit two wires into one sleeve run if absolutely necessary.
If you can do that, then I'd definitely recommend that route. However, it's
not always possible (I'm currently working on a sleeving job where I can't
do this because the wires are too thick). In that case you can either try to
do two fully sleeved separate wires leading into one connector and then use
a piece of heat shrink (or something else, I'm using nylon cord, see HELIOS
build log for more info) to hold it all together.

If you have enough space in the connector, you could possibly also do two
separately sleeved wires and melt them onto the connector, but I'm not sure
if that would work.

Or you can do something like this:

However, I'm not completely sure if I'd recommend this version in all circumstances.
Oftentimes, the second wire in a double wire is a so called sense wire, which
is used for the PSU's voltage control and regulation mechanism. If the end
point of that wire is no longer at the crimp, but instead somewhere back along
the wire carrying the current, you might get false voltage readings off that
sense wire and throw your PSU's voltage control off. I'm not sure how pronounced
this effect is though, and I haven't read about anyone having problems yet,
but then again I doubt anybody has done serious testing on this.
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