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Originally Posted by jimma47 View Post
Yeah the original Predator (and Asus I believe) had to be overclocked as they were 75 out of the box. Mine got to 95 fine but I can't get 100 stable. It will run it for one session but as soon as I switch the PC off I have to plug in another cable, reset the monitor and PC display settings and overclock again - absolute PITA.

Fortunately the latest ones are all 100hz native so no more issues. But yeah stuck at 100 which for me was fine going from 60hz triples to this still looks good.

What problems did you have? I haven't found any that don't work however I do mainly play Flight/Space/Racing Sims and the occasional World of Tanks until I rage quit. I think most new games come with 21:9 support however experience varies with how it is implemented - extending the horizontal FOV (correct) or reducing vertical FOV (rubbish)
Games like Fallout4 I believe need "hacking" to support the resolution. FPS/racing/sim games are all ok.
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