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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Yup any high mid to high end phone from the good brands will be great. Xiaomi make some great phones too.

With phones being as powerful as they are now I will offer one piece of advice though. Make sure whichever one you settle for gets the latest OS through the supplier. That's the only thing that's bummed me out about a couple of the phones I've had. The Manus decided that the os it shipped with was enough to last the life of the phone and I've been stuck on older OSes wanting to try the new ones without buying another phone as mine was perfectly adequate.
I rate the Xiaomi M9 over most top flagship models right now that cost twice the price. I do not believe in the whole "you get what you paid for" with phones. There are far better phones in the mid range tier market with no bloat ware, and original Android OS versions that do not have manufacturers wraps on them.
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