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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
Personally I'd recommend going to a 1080Ti instead if that's the best single card choice as SLI doesn't work with many DX12 or Vulkan titles and even some modern DX11 titles have little to no support, while generally single card solutions are a lot more efficient & depending on case/cooling more quiet.
But even when it does work you'll only get the frame/input latency of a single card with SLI set ups and at the FPS range where they're most stable and least prone to microstutter you're usually it much longer frame time periods.

I'm not sure if this is useful but I made a little picture a while ago to help explain the difference in latency between say 40fps on a single card and on two cards.
Lol looks like a copy of the one Nvidia made a year ago

Does make me wonder though if Nvidia has shot themselves in the foot a little. With the fading support from developers to provide decent SLI performance, we are opting for single card solutions. That means that there is a fall in double purchse sales. On top of that, I would have thought single card sales would also fall as users will feel that a 30% bump over the previous gen is not worth upgrading for, thus skipping the current gen to wait for the next.

In the past, users would buy one or two. For those buying one card, they would buy another later on, knowing that the 2card solution would outperform next gen of same level e.g. 980 to 1080. It feels like Nvidia knowingly see that SLI is no longer favourable, and have intentionally pushed up the price of their RTX cards to squeeze as much as they can from us from those only going with single card setup. Had SLI/Nvlink been the go to recommended setup, most likely you would have seen a lower costing generation of cards.

I know RTX involved millions in R&D, but I am no longer buying the fact that this is the reason for the high cost.
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