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With SLI you will never get perfect efficiency in 99.99999999% of games. The ones that do... well I can't even think I've ever seen one tbh. You're likely to get anywhere from 70%-90% efficiency on the few games that use it well.

So you pay double the price for NOT double the performance. You pay for double the power consumption for NOT double the performance increase. You get twice the noise volume for NOT double performance or power consumption. You add more cables to manage and decrease the airflow overall(not all cases will be effected depending on size).

So really all those cons for basically two pros:
1) looks cool
2) benchmarking

I'd just rather have 1 better card. Won't deal with any of the problems and you'll have a more quiet PC alongside better performance/watt.

I'd say you'd be better off selling your 1080 and using that money towards a 2080 if you cannot afford a 2080ti.
That said I wouldn't even bother to upgrade unless you are disappointed with your current performance. . If all the games you play support SLI well and have little issues, then why not I suppose.
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