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Originally Posted by Damien c View Post
They will just do what most of the companies did for "Black Friday" and is knock £0.01p of each one.

IIRC OCUK knocked 1p of a item for Black Friday and so did Scan, cannot remember exactly what the item was but I laughed when I saw it.

Intel will not release a CPU at a decent price, just like nVidia will not release a graphics card at a decent price because they have little to no competition, I know AMD are close to Intel on the CPU front but Intel still have the better CPU's for gaming by a few % and to some people that few % matters so they will continue to pay inflated prices, and whilst that happens Intel will continue to milk people.

I could have recently bought a 3900x and replaced my 7700K but when I looked at it, the 3900x was not worth buying for me because it's only going to gain me about 5%, and the only thing that pc with the 7700K gets used for is gaming and I am not paying upwards of £700 for a new board, cpu and ram just for 5 to 10%.
That isnt really true anymore. You need to think mainstream not flagship. 5700XT and the like are a massive success from AMD.
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