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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
It wasn't faulty mate it was just utter junk. I will do my best to explain why...

Basically it was not threaded or anything, but a wedge fit like the fittings you describe. However, if you even so much as breathed on the two ends it would come away from the cylinder just like you describe. Eventually I got my head around the fact it may work and decided to mount it. Then I realised that the brackets that are supposed to hold all the weight were made from acrylic and very thin. My suspicions were confirmed when I tried to bolt it on but found the brackets were actually too small and I was having terrible trouble using the plastic nuts and bolts they gave me. Every time I got some of the thread through the bolt would just pull straight out. "Never mind, I will use metal bolts". Yup, way to go, then the bracket snapped in half.

As you can clearly see, it only has one bracket on.

I wouldn't have minded, but it cost as much as a Bitspower res and the quality difference? oh dear lord, it's night and day.

Needless to say it is now where it belongs (in the trash) and I will never buy anything they make ever again. What compounded it even more was the fact that when I looked on Youtube for my res they were showing it with brackets twice as thick and beefy.
Ah, I understand now, it’s sad to know my experience of this Primochill “workmanship” isn’t unique. Before this build I hadn’t used Primochill or Bitspower stuff, from now on I’ll use Bitspower stuff for everything I don’t get from EK, but I’ll avoid Primochill like it’s a gassy octogenarian.
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