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Is this an issue with DLSS or ray tracing as they are distinct(Though fairly complimentary) technologies? DLSS has a few limitations that make it undesirable for use with lower resolutions, chief among them is that it's primarily an upscailing technique and its key benefits are that it improves performance by reducing rendering load and then upscailing the image cheaply, but for low output resolutions this means either rendering at an initial resolution so low it would be a noticeable downgrade, or rendering at the same resolution as the output already meaning you're basically just adding an overly complex filter. Besides this, when your framerate goes high enough, the time taken to render a frame will drop below the fixed time taken for the Tensor cores to complete their calculations, so using DLSS above these framerates would begin to hinder frame latency while delivering no further benefits to framerate.

I guess they could allow you to use DLSS with super low input resolutions anyway and I think they allow that on lower cards sometimes, but it'd be 720p rendering for the usual 2:3 ratio if you used a 1080p output, which I'd guess doesn't look too great, and would likely result in a frametime far too low to be useful on a higher end card unless you cranked RTX and everything else to the max.
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