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Possibly electromagnetic interference, I've seen some cheaper Chinese chargers around alot for smartphones & laptops or transformers for other digital devices that clearly don't meet the regulations for EM noise, I've seen them mess up screens, but also homeplug adapters, Thunderbolt/USB connections, audio, any kinda transmission really, digital or analogue. Also seen things like microwaves, washing machines/dryers, hoovers cause problematic interference to devices that aren't shielded properly. Maybe it's happening when a certain device or charger is near or being used in a socket on the same ring? (Most British houses have one ring per storey, a lot of Irish too but ring circuits aren't quite as ubiquitous there)

Usually the interference for a monitor would be catching via internal ribbons, or possibly capacitors, rather than the external HDMI/DP/whatever cables for digital transmission.
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