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3DMark06 sub par performance with Q6600/8800GT

Hi guys,

couldn't post this under the benchmarking section, so stuck it in here...

I had been getting some strange performance in F.E.A.R... finally got some sweet FPS until the first cut scene kicking in, and then everything was stuck at 10FPS (FRAPS told me so).

I then run 3DMark06, and got only a measly 9027 points...

My system is:

Abit IP-35 Pro

2 x 1Gb Corsair Dominator RAM

Q6600 @ stock

Gainward 8800GT @ stock

900W Tagan

Vista Home premium

I found someone who had used the same setup, at stock, and got the following results:

3dMark Scores:


Q6600 @ 2.4ghz

8800gt @ 600/1500/1800

-all stock speeds

Thats over 1700 more than mine, and the system is pretty much the same (he also used Vista)

I have disabled EIST and C1E in the bios which Kempez told me to do, which initially got me my decent FPS in F.E.A.R, but 1700 score difference on a practically identical system seems a little off??

What I'm trying to do is find out what is slowing me up / bottlenecking my system. I plan on running SuperPi later to see what I get, and will also try and stress test the CPU and memory with other proggies.

Any suggestions on programs to do this??

What time should I realistically 'expect' to get in SuperPi with the above hardware at stock??

Are there any large CPU intensive services or anything under vista that I should have switched off whilst running 3DMark06 or just in general??

If it helps, I installed Far Cry and patched to 1.3, and get average of 70 - 80 FPS on full settings and 1920 x 1200... is that about right?

Cheers peeps

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