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Originally Posted by Kei View Post
Back in the day they used to put it on the left side. Ironically back then the psu was up the top of the case so guess what was always facing outwards?

I imagine that with the help of a heat gun you could probably move it from it’s current location. I don’t know what would happen with the warranty since it’s just a sticker.

Just noticed that my super flower PSU in my server has the sticker in the old location on the left side. You might be lucky and find that they still do that.
Originally Posted by MacLeod View Post
I'm a big fan and believer in EVGA's Supernova series. I've had two now and they've been flawless. Plus they review near perfect on Jonny Guru. Hard to impossible to beat for the money considering they're around $100.
So now I'm just wondering if this particular one has a clean top or not, as I have a new weird Google image design layout, kinda like Pinterest, which makes it difficult to look at images etc: https://www.webhallen.com/se/product...W?ref=Prisjakt
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