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Originally Posted by lutro0 customs View Post
Alpen always love your indept answers.

I just wanted to added for an FYI.

I have done work for many psu makers and many hardware producers.

The method in my video is actually what some of them requested for their testing, showcases, and new hardware testing machines that they use to stress test and max out testing.

I always suggest that the split be done as close to the psu in a place where it can be hidden. If I didnt make that clean in the video I will update it asap. This has produced no issues on many many cables sleeving jobs for both overclockers, the above, and regular jobs.

I have also tested this method with a multi meter with little to no changes.

I only say this to ease others minds when using this method, before I post or share anything I make sure to get the opinions of psu makers, developers and some of the top overclockers to make sure that what I am sharing is safe.

The double wire method is simply a work around to get the cleanest look on a psu, double wire can be handled the way they come but it looks much better when they are cleaned up so that only one wire is crimped into a terminal - however there is nothing wrong with putting two wires in one terminal.

Thanks again for your well thought out and thorough answers to the sleeving community alpen its much appreciated!
Ha, hey lutro0, great to see you here too!

Thanks a lot for that input. It's one thing when somebody does theoretical
considerations, but as I well know, that doesn't always translate to practice
as neatly as one might think, so I greatly appreciate the feedback from
somebody who has actual practical experience with this (after all, I have
done but a mere two PSUs personally, not exactly a statistcally significant
sample, and I don't have proper equipment to test my theories either).

I'll make a note of this in case I ever come across the issue again.

And thanks for the compliment, it's always nice when one's efforts are
appreciated, especially by people who have done as much as you have
for our community. I shall strive to continue my efforts to the best of
my abilities.
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