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I am now with board.

Diablo came over on Saturday (I call him that haha, even in person )

She's empty. Sort of.

So my usual method is towel on floor of PC. Insert jug under GPU fitting, remove. Turn fitting to hold jug in place. Let the coolant drain until it stops, then remove the res cap and let the pressure go so the lower loop can drain via gravity.

That went well. Then the trick is to screw in the hose with the fitting on into the other side of the GPU and blow, hard. And this worked well, and the coolant left the system. Unfortunately I hadn't put the cap back in the res so it was a full blown fountain. Mostly in my face (but hey, the coolant is rather sweet in taste.. I suspect PG).

Any way embarrassment aside it's a good thing Diablo knows his water cooling, as if any one else was helping me it would have all been in the bottom now.

I had to remove some wiring for the RGB ram sticks too, that took me about 2 hours. It's not easy going back to a PC you built over a year ago with 3 months of on and off work put into the wiring. It's like a crash course.....

I think I have it all back where it should be though. Sadly the water leaked all over the screen cover (3mm clear) and did get inbetween the screen and it somewhat. So that is all apart now and has been dried and will be left for a week.

Now this is where I get all philosophical.

XSPC EC6 has now saved my ass twice. Had that been any water based coolant I would be scared to death. I once had a leak from a PC full of red EC6 and it leaked for many months before I even realised. All I found was dried up red powder all over the electronics, with no damage or fire.

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