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Originally Posted by Feronix View Post
I thought that, but they just looked very white in the pictures. Glad to hear, this makes this build epic


Once again thank you Feronix, truly appreciared mate

Originally Posted by SeraNoxa View Post
Really awesome build, enjoyed all 30 mins i spent on this thread. i would give it 97/100 or so. due to personal taste. first i hated the tube crossing also. but now its just like damn right it has to be there. only down side for me is the buttons in front face. that they aint 100% same (and just know which one does what), purely for esthetics. But probably a top 3 build from this forum i've seen so far. might even be the best.

Hey SeraNoxa, fiirst and foremost thank you for taking the time to go through the log from start to finish I had a look back through myself this morning and admit it was quite the journey getting the build to quite where I had mentally pictured it and wanted it to be.

I will say I'm in total agreement with you with reference to the buttons on the face plate (I may yet swap one of them out so they match for the sake of aesthetics), in saying that the HD activity light/reset button (right side button) has kinda grown on me lol

Once again thank you for looking and your honesty, it's very much appreciated
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