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I'd ditch the sound card personally and just get an actual external setup you'll also gain more control afaik.

Windows should always be at 100 and the hardware should be the one lowering the volumes. That's what they are there for, avoid the software as much as possible, also why I say get rid of the sound card and it's software.

A Beyer DT990 not able to handle the amp? I find that hard to believe. It's probably just a bad amp with bad power delivery. They love power and don't distort until you get to uncomfortable listening levels

As for the microphone itself I couldn't find the 70 model you mentioned on the website, but based off the prices of everything there I'd say it's of lower quality but probably still better than anything USB. Actually for the money getting xlr isn't that bad. But you won't find many cheaper ones that will work as good as you are expecting. Cheap mics are VERY sensitive and have little control over their range, pretty much always fully open so to speak.

High quality mics close to your face is what every streamer does because it works. They still have to work hard to eliminate noises other than there voice. Working with a lower quality mic for serious use is just going to make it more difficult. Not impossible but difficult. Getting rid of the keyboard is the hardest part because they are so loud and I know many have to put a noise threshold so it simply just stops recording over a certain DBa level.

I'm no expert on it this just all just based off what I know of. Hopefully I said something useful.
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