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This is absolutely hilarious.

Just read a review of the i9-10900X. 10 core, 20 thread.

It benches practically identical to my 1920x both stock and overclocked. Yes it has an advantage at single thread but the 1920x has two more cores and threads.

Why am I posting this "nonsense"?

The i9-10900X costs £689.

Right now you can buy a 1920x for £200 or dollars. A X399 Aorus is £260 and 32gb quad channel costs about £150.

£610. Before any one says about single core performance I'd counter with two more cores and threads, and 20 extra lanes.

If this is Intel's idea of cutting prices then they need to put down the crack pipe, and spend the afternoon on Amazon looking at what you can get for £610 in the HEDT space.

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