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PP Mguire 29-04-08 03:46 AM

AC = no condensation?
Ok so heres the situation. Im being told, that if somebody put a PC in a hot garage and pointed an AC unit at it (typical window unit) that the hot parts in the PC will not have condensation on them...Wtf?:nono: Somebody please tell me or correct me if im wrong that pointing an AC unit spitting out dry cold air hitting hot parts in hot humid air that it WILL create condensation.

chudley 29-04-08 06:27 AM

Surely the AC would also cool the room the pc was in, thereby reducing the temp of the working parts and all others preventing condensation.

In a very hot environment (over 55 degrees) my PC worked fine in a room half the size of a garage with ac on and no signs of condensation.

I would still cover all parts with silicone spray though.

Ham 29-04-08 08:24 AM

No, it wouldn't condensate.

Condensation occurs where something is colder than the ambient temperature.

PV5150 29-04-08 09:32 AM

Yep Ham's correct. Condensation isn't an issue until you go below the dew point (ambient temp)

PP Mguire 29-04-08 10:33 AM

ROFLcopter, thats right. Idk why i got that backwards!

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