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AciD_RaiN 29-03-13 01:47 AM

Autobot Bumblebee
Hey guys. I have been planning a build in a Haf-X case a got recently and it will get the name "Autobot Bumblebee"
I will be getting a little help from a 72 year old plumbing expert on the loop itself. I haven't planned everything just yet but this will hopefully be ready this summer depending on sponsors and cash.

My friend over at DLESOV TECH helped me with visualizing the inside with all of the planned components installed. Things may change over time but these are the planned components and hardware so far:

CPU: Intel i7 3770k
MB: ASRock OC Formula
RAM: *Not decided*
SSD: *Not decided*
Storage: External
GPU's: 2x EVGA GTX 670 FTW
Case: Cooler Master Haf-X
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850W

CPU block: EK-Supremacy - Nickel - Plexi
GPU blocks: EK-FC680 GTX - Acetal+EN Nickel
Rad 1: Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 360
Fans: *Not decided*
Rad 2: Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 360mm
Fans: *Not decided*
Pump: Laing D5 with matt black mod kit
Reservoir: Bitspower 250 upgrade kit / black mod pump top
Fittings: Bitspower matt black crystal link
Tubing: Steel
Liquid: Mayhems Pastel Sunset Yellow

Official sponsors:


Rendering and 3D work by:

The theme

The Case

The internal plans so far

The case untouched

Internals removed

More to come soon...

alpenwasser 29-03-13 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by AciD_RaiN (Post 628888)
I will be getting a little help from a 72 year old plumbing expert on the loop itself.

Now that sounds like something I'd like to see (the loop, not the plumbing expert :lol:)!

AciD_RaiN 29-03-13 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by alpenwasser (Post 628939)
Now that sounds like something I'd like to see (the loop, not the plumbing expert :lol:)!

He sounded very excited since this is something he has never done before :)

Gurt11 29-03-13 02:24 PM

Nice :D a friend of mine was asking about building a black and yellow pc for him the other day. I'll be following this first ;)

UkGouki 29-03-13 02:53 PM

nice got to see this subbed :D

paulstung 29-03-13 04:10 PM

Nice idea. It seems there are more people doing black and yellow builds. Me included, it makes a nice change from the norm.

AciD_RaiN 29-03-13 04:23 PM

Thank you for your compliments guys. I just hope it will all turn out as I hope :)

Noz_God 29-03-13 05:07 PM

Cant wait to see this have a HAF X myself

AverageNinja 29-03-13 05:10 PM

Welcome back to OC3D mate!
I'm looking forward to seeing moar :D

AciD_RaiN 29-03-13 06:48 PM

Thanks guys. Will upload some more later this evening :)

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