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Cs342 22-05-13 12:12 PM

Thermaltake and Antec?
Just wondering why TTL hates these 2 companies so much. Other reviewers like Linus/Logan don't seem to have a problem with them :confused:

SavageCupcake 22-05-13 01:14 PM

Well thermaltake is known as thermalTACKY for good reason (I have a keyboard by them, it's horrible). Not so sure on antec though.

Xenomorphical 22-05-13 01:14 PM

My bet is personal experience with products, quality and warranty?
If those keep disappointing you time after time nobody would stick those.
Keep in mind Tom only wants people to get the best value and performance for their money ^_^

MacLeod 22-05-13 01:33 PM

Never had a problem with Antec. All the stuff I've used from them including cases (wife's is my old 300) and power supplies have always been solid. Thermaltake I know has been a little shakey at times in terms of quality and aside from their Toughpower line, most of their lower supplies seem to be mediocre.

So I get the T-Take digs but don't get the Antec hate.

barnsley 22-05-13 02:25 PM

Antec is solid, if a bit dull in my opinion.No problems here. Thermaltake make really ugly stuff that from what I heard, likes to shed weight so as with everyone on this thread, I don't get the antec hate.

paulstung 22-05-13 04:34 PM

Thermaltake's new case range looks pretty cool. The Urban, the name sucks though.

KING_OF_SAND 22-05-13 05:15 PM

It's not really about looks, both companies are kings of the cheaply made case. They both make some pretty nice looking cases but they are on the cheapest of the cheap. For example the Level 10 case, I remember when that case was $600! And the case was CRAP. Full of plastic and a squeaky body.

iBeInspire 22-05-13 05:23 PM

Not too keen on hating of any sort, especially from someone as influential as tom.
That being said I can see where he's coming from with Thermaltake, but NOT with Antec. They in my opinion have been very solid over the years and I was one of those who dreamed of having an Antec 900 a few years back, since it was basically cream of the crop.

barnsley 22-05-13 05:31 PM

I've never had a problem with antec cases bar a lack of cable management. While they're not in a league with (most of )today's cases they are a good deal better than some of the cheap cases I've used such as the inwin griffin . It is absoulute crap. Heck, I should probably write a post on how bad it is.

-edit- Antec use Seasonic to make about half of their psus such as their High Current Gamer series (source). Am I right in thinking Seasonic are a good OEM or have I mixed up names?

sheroo 23-05-13 09:15 AM

Antec cases are in no way cheap. Without the Antec p180 you wouldn't have the Fractal Design R3 etc. Antec were also one of the first companies to make htpc and sff cases... I own 5 Antec cases - non of them are cheap, either in looks or quality. Admittedly I don't use them now as alot of their competitors have moved on in leaps and bounds...

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