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NeverBackDown 24-05-21 02:59 AM


Originally Posted by FTLN (Post 1033632)
Don't understand why you say I need to rename it the HDMI input to "PC" , this is definitely just for convenience purposes and has no impact on how the handshake occurs between devices, unless you have a link with some evidence to back this up? I also just tried this and it makes no difference.

One thing I noticed is that all the supported resolutions are there in the nvidia control panel, its just when I select the 4K 120hz I get black screen for a few seconds and then it falls back to 4k 60hz.

Also, when the OLED detects the PC I get a popup asking to enable HDMI ultra bandwidth on the input where PC is connected, whenever I enable this I just get black screen, have to restart PC and OLED.

Requested a return to amazon for both cables and have ordered another https://www.cablematters.com/pc-1329...mi-cable.aspx# this one seems to be active with usb connecter for additional powerand the Cable Matters website seems to have to pretty good explications about HDMI 2.1 and how to use with RTX cards.

If the third cable from Amazon fails, then I will go to the AV shop where I got the TV and buy one of their cables, but they want 450 euros for a 8 meter length and it isn't even certified.

Evidence to back it up? It's been a thing for tvs for years. You can just read reviews and it'll say it. Go to Rtings.com and find it if it's such an unbelievable thing. It's even in the manual, changing to a PC input optimizes the experience and it affects resolution and refresh rate. If you think it's only for convenience then fine. The TV handles PC different than regular non PC because of windows and how it renders things. I've had to do this on multiple LG, Samsung, and Sony TVs. Only way it would be different for you is if they have Regional differences in software. No idea why they would.

You're asking for help and I'm just giving the most basic troubleshooting as a starting point. It's troubleshooting for a reason. It could be something else but why jump to conclusions when not ruling out basic first steps? Keeps things on a logical path of troubleshooting so you aren't jumping all over the place.

I'm not sure what other tips to give as this should at least fix some issues related to your situation. Maybe a recent Nvidia GPU drivers messed things up. There was a problem before. I'd try updating your LG firmware to the latest version. If that doesn't help could be driver or hardware related. That's about all I got.

scubasteve 24-05-21 06:31 AM

ok wait before you actually buy more hdmi's and have a draw full of them go into settings- system- displays - scroll down go to advanced display settings and change it to 120 hz ....

after when you go into the nvida control panel you will have the option to scroll under pc not ultra hd click apply and it will stay at 120hz even tho its not what i prefer since it makes the screen go darker than i like

so if you dont change it in the system settings it wont stick in the nvida control panel

is this what was the problem or did i misunderstand ?:huh: -- which i do very often:D


scubasteve 24-05-21 06:54 AM

All i think NBD is saying is just edit out the hdmi ports on the tv, like me i have mine set up as so


and you can rename them pretty much anything, also theres a list already in the tv


Warchild 24-05-21 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by FTLN (Post 1033615)
Morning All, been a busy few months for me moving apartment.

Anyway, all settled in now and to treat myself I bought myself a 65" LG GX OLED which is MEGA !!

I got a couple of 10m HDMI 2.1 cable but no matter what I play I get audio cut outs whilst playing on the LG OLED and even though 3840x2160x120hz appears in the display settings of windows and NVidia control panel whenever I select it it falls back to 3840x2160x60hz, Gsync is enabled in the NVidia control panel (tried disabling Gysnc but still same issue).

Has anybody got any experience with playing 4K high refresh rate with Gsync (VRR) ?

Maybe somebody can advise me on a HDMI 2.1 cable to buy that is 100% guaranteed to work with my Nvidia 3070?

Have a nice Sunday :)

I had that because the cable was too long.

russler 24-05-21 10:02 AM

I use this cable with my oled (bx) and 3080 ive had no problems whatso ever


havnt renamed the hdmi to pc or what ever. not using the hdmi for audio tho as it has a sound bar plugged. hope you sort it man.

ive got the 3m one which is probably gunna be way too short but i can say for sure if works might be worth snagging one as a tester cable

FTLN 24-05-21 05:36 PM

I think issue is definitely the cables I am using and the fact that I need a 8 meter cable from PC through the wall conduit and up to the TV on the other side of the living room.

New one should be here before end of week, lots of good reviews on forums for this 8m length: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1


looz 24-05-21 10:49 PM

The signal integrity requirements on modern display cables are pretty hefty, to a point that next step could be optical cables for high end purposes...

Same physics apply as with CAT cabling, so in situations where it cuts out occasionally, but you can initially set the full quality, make sure that you're not running the cable near AC power cables. I can't remember the spec off the top of my head, but with unshielded cat cabling the required distance for runs was in the ballpark of 15-30cm.

FTLN 27-05-21 07:56 PM

Hi all,

7.6 meter HDMI cable came through today: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...0?ie=UTF8&th=1

Plugged it in and without doing anything else on PC or on TV I'm getting 120hz on my TV.

No drops on the sound and perfect image with Gsync enabled.

I also set in Nvidia control panel:


WYP 27-05-21 08:14 PM

I'm glad that you got things working.

scubasteve 27-05-21 09:49 PM

ahh brilliant is the reason i cannot get the RBG and full output dynamic range cos i need a 20 and above series card ? cos i cannot even see the G-sync tab in my nvidia control panel ... :huh:

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